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August 12, 2015

Angelic Round Table Online

August Feature: Angels of Love
We'll discuss Archangels Iophiel, Haniel and Sandalphon in their different roles in the realm of love. Three different angels with three different approaches!

Will the Prince of Heaven and all-around ladies' man, Archangel Michael, crash this table as he did last month with Angel of Armageddon, Archangel Uriel?
Will one of the featured angels
make an appearance?
There's only one way to find out!
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News: Blog Transfer
The AADL Blog will be transferred over the summer.  The original carrier of the blog has discontinued its service and we are in the process of propagating all entries to our new site.  Please keep your eyes here for updates.

Your Interactive Guide to Angelic Communication

The Angel Code is an interactive workbook that instructs one how to connect and communicate with her  angels for a loving, up-close-and-personal relationship.

Azrael Loves Chocolate, Michael's a Jock:
An Insider's Guide to What Your Angels are Really Like

It was a pleasure working with the angels on this particular project, primarily because they've kept me in stitches most the time--especially Michael.  I hope that the book will bring as much joy to all of you as it has to me, and I pray that it brings you just that much closer to understanding these beautiful, benevolent Beings of Light.

Praise for Azrael Loves Chocolate

Azrael Loves Chocolate, Michael's a Jock is a delightful, insightful, revealing, and brave gift to this world.  In this inspirational, uplifting and empowering book, Chantel aims from the hip and writes not from shallow research and speculation, but from courageous, tireless, shamanic inquiry.  Through her dazzling clairvoyant abilities, she is able to give us first-hand accounts of Divine archetypes some people have never heard of, much less conversed with directly.  Chantel shoots the breeze with these legendary beings in a way that makes them feel so near, we could almost call them on the phone and invite them over for dinner.  Chantel insists that if she can do it, you can do it, too, and in giving your “magical” power back to yourself, she offers a way for you to have a personal relationship with “unseen” angels and develop your spiritual eyes so you can peer into the gates of Heaven.

--Amelia Kinkade
Author of The Language of Miracles and Straight from the Horse’s Mouth

Professional Angelologist and international author, Chantel Lysette has been connecting with the Divine Realm of Spirit her entire life. Like most of us, when her intuitive gifts were discovered, she spent more time trying to deny them than hone them. But Archangels, being as persistent as they are, explained, “You can go quietly. Or you can go kicking and screaming. Either way, you will fulfill your life's purpose."

Over the years as an Angel Intuitive and Spiritual Messenger, Chantel has shared her inspiring life story with multitudes, relaying her life's triumphs and tragedies as a woman struck by a life-crushing crisis only to rise up again after surrendering to the Divine Realm of Spirit and renew her soul. Her story is one of compassion and redemption. And through her experience and example, Chantel establishes a unique and profound connection with her clients, giving them a distinctive, yet down-to-earth perspective on spirituality.

Open, straightforward and often called "sassy and irreverent", Chantel expresses that her life's mission is simple: to help others establish and maintain a life-enhancing relationship with God, His angels and other spiritual mentors. When people connect to their spiritual teachers, they can harness their intuitive and healing potential, discover their own spiritual identity, and gain insight into their role in what Chantel calls, “God’s Great Equation.”

"Explore Korea" Episode 1: July 25, 2014
KBS Network, S. Korea
Kevin Woo of Korean Pop group U-Kiss expresses
that Chantel Lysette as his most memorable fan.

January 2014 with Korean Pop Sensation
(Ubiquitous Korean International Idol Superstars)

"Fight for Our Freedom Radio" with Badbaby
March 2014
"Coast to Coast AM" with George Noory
March 2014
"Out of the Ordinary Into the Extraordinary"
with Robert & Pamela Taylor
October 2013


Chantel Lysette is an Angel Intuitive
that consults the benevolent hosts of Heaven for insight, wisdom and healing.

Born with the gifts of clairvoyance, clairaudience and clairsentience, her career focuses on Heavenly Guidance, Spiritual/Light Healing and Instruction.  While she was raised with a Christian background, she has studied many world religions and has come to embrace teachings and philosophies from around the globe. Her heart is open to all, regardless of one's beliefs--even skeptics, as she was once one herself.

Though she possesses and fosters these special gifts, please understand that Chantel Lysette focuses on the whole individual, not just a single situation.  In that, she is not a "fortuneteller" but a channel to your Heavenly teachers that can help you gain the best spiritual benefit possible, thereby facilitating a more enriched and fulfilling life. 

The angels will tell us what we need to hear, not what we want to hear and sometimes their messages may not always be comforting --truth rarely is. But truth is what liberates us from the illusions we create in our lives. Truth brings us closer to our Creator and the understanding of our purpose here in this existence. --Chantel


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